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Current  Projects

Private Client |

3500 sq ft contemporary Dwelling House

Succesfully granted planning  within a restricted  Architectural Conservation Area





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3 Killiney 3D-1

Building Contractor |

Building Regulation Control drawings & documentation for the refurbishment/remodelling of an 1890s Victorian Townhouse into a modern contemporary family dwelling.





Private Client | 2500 sq ft Contemporary Dwelling House.






Developer | Development of medium density residential scheme





Wroughton sketch Joe Barry 3 Joe Barry 1 Joe Barry 4 Midleton 1 Midleton 5

Private Client | Extension & Internal refurbishment






Arch 2 (Large House) Joe Barry 5 Killiney 2 Holmeroad 004A

Sports Club | Indoor Tennis Dome






Sports Dome 1 Sports Dome 2 Concept 1