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The corporate objective of Blupan Group is to achieve long-term profitability by carrying out architectural outsourcing services to the Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical and Construction industries, which conform to client specified requirements and are executed within an agreed timeframe and to the clients satisfaction.


Our experience is comprehensive, and our objective is to always provide a quality service, on time and within the agreed budget. Blupan Group aim as a minimum, to meet our clients expectations and to constantly strive to exceed those expectations.


We are committed to continuous improvement and in order to achieve these objectives, the company has established a Quality Management System, which provides a robust framework for measuring and improving performance. The Quality Management System conforms to the guidelines and recommendations of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Systems issued by the British Standards Institute


As part of our Quality Management ethos, we are committed to;


•    Provide adequate resources to maintain and develop our QMS

•    To enable us to achieve our objectives, ensure all staff are competent on the basis of

     appropriate training, education, skills and experience.

•    Regular monitoring and gathering of client feedback.

•    Provide adequate QMS training as part of the company induction process.


Blupan Groups Quality Manual defines the management organisation responsible for quality. The Quality Manager has ultimate authority and responsibility for the effectiveness of the Quality System and is responsible for implementing and maintaining the Quality System in this manual and in the Procedures.


This statement represents my commitment, on behalf of the company, to the QMS.


It is part of the Company’s training programme that this policy is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels in the organisation.



Damian O'Sullivan

Managing Director

For & On Behalf of

Blupan Group


4th January 2016


Quality Management Statement Statement:-